SolarMineX is a new cryptocurrency mining system who aims to convert the energy from the sun into profit and to reduce the harm of fossil fuels to the environment. Miners receive mining rewards for each unit of electricity they produce using sun.


People can do SolarMinex solar mining by owning conventional photovoltaic systems and/or SolarMineX mobile solar mining equipment. They earn mining rewards by generating electricity with solar energy.


It can be done anywhere that can receive sunlight. With the photovoltaic system, mining can be done at home or at work or while walking, running, swimming, traveling or in any mobilized state with the SolarMineX mobile solar mining device.

PreMining App

SolarMineX is developing a mobile application with gamification method to inform the people about how they can make a profit with solar energy and how they can help protect the environment. With this application, people will be able to virtually mine solar, generate electricity from solar energy, store electricity and earn SolarMineX tokens in the whole process. In addition, they will learn about the benefits of solar energy in terms of individual economy and environment and they will become more conscious individuals.

Road Map



Who can do SolarMineX solar mining?

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